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People who are new to Lean Six Sigma and need to understand how it works, how it is implemented, and the tools that help to achieve process improvement, need to focus on getting yellow belt training before anything else. LSS is divided into different levels when it comes to the experts that are able to understand and implement it.

But rather than levels, “belts” are how they are known. Therefore, whenever you search for information about Six Sigma and how you can learn about it, you will find belts and their colors which will be in order according to the topics approached and the roles of the experts that complete each one.

LSS Maryland-Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The yellow belt, as we were mentioning before, is for those that are new in the methodology but might have basic knowledge about it. This belt focuses on approaching topics that include the principles, concepts, philosophies, and main tools of the methodology. Lean Six Sigma is complex and it requires time to learn—although not too much.

Having a proper base and basic knowledge of it will help to climb positions when you finally decide to work in an LSS team or for a company interested in its implementation. But to do so, proper training is required. Our company, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maryland, provides yellow belt services that will cover all your needs regarding an introduction, the structure, and essentials about Sigma. You can address your interest in the methodology with us and rest assured that once completing our yellow belt training you will be even able to fulfill small roles.

Who Needs Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

Overall, anyone who wants to learn about Six Sigma should start with this belt. But when it comes to giving a proper answer to who needs it in specific, it includes companies, organizations, and any individual. To understand this, you must know belts are not something companies obtain directly.

Instead, their workers are the ones who get trained in the level and complete the Sigma training but it means the company has experts who are able to handle the roles yellow belts can fulfill. Keep in mind every expert and belt is required within a company to achieve the desired results. This means that if you are thinking about Six Sigma for your company’s use, you will need to invest in yellow belt training for your employees even when they will not be the ones starting or managing the LSS projects.

LSS Maryland-Lean Six Sigma Consulting

For individuals, it does not have to be necessary because they work for a company that needs to implement the methodology. Learning Six Sigma even when this is a basic belt can bring benefits such as developing leadership skills, build confidence in solving problems, learn about data collecting, and be able to have more career options.

It is a general boost for your personal and professional growth, which is why many people in Maryland contact us to access this belt at least.

Besides focusing on the basics such as concepts, structure, and terminology, you will learn how LSS is implemented, how it helps companies to achieve process improvement, and develop skills to fulfill small roles such as data collector and in measuring project performance. Although a yellow belt since too basic at the beginning, it is not aimed at simple theory.

Lean Six Sigma training overall is crucial not only for the information and knowledge you acquire but also the experience. With the right experts and teachers, you should be able to gain some experience while getting trained, even when this training level takes from 1 to 2 weeks only. Now, the topics and information during this training can also vary depending on who you rely on for it.

Our LSS course at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Maryland includes what we have mentioned so far:

  • Terminology.
  • Principles.
  • Data collecting.
  • Measuring performance.
  • Concepts.

But we have also added other topics to guarantee you can move forward and make other training options easier, which is why you can expect our trainers to focus on:

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Customer requirements.
  • Principles of Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Main tools for implementation.
  • DMAIC.
  • How to achieve continuous improvement.

Something peculiar about Six Sigma belts is that you do not have to follow the progress. This means you can go for more difficult belts even without getting yellow belt training, which is why it makes many people question if it is worth it. If you follow the progression of the levels, the process to reach the final one will be easier. Besides, a yellow belt only takes between 1 to 2 weeks since the course we offer consists of 15 hours at most.

It is easy and fast to complete and you will be much more prepared for any other belt. And a yellow belt might be a better option depending on your goals and needs. Individuals or people who want to:

  • Add some value to their curriculums or resumes.
  • Develop additional skills for problem-solving.
  • Learn about data collecting.
  • Fulfill small roles in any company.
  • Avoid leadership positions within the organization.
  • Focus on other career options and opportunities.

Should definitely go for this belt only and try to consider others depending on how their needs evolve. With that said, a short answer to this main question would be yes, it is worth investing in a yellow belt for either your personal interest or for your workers. You will not regret deciding to access this Six Sigma course and having a proper introduction to the methodology.

We Issue Yellow Belt Certifications

Once this training is complete, you can opt for taking the exam to get the corresponding certification. The yellow belt certification is what will allow you to work in a company and LSS team as well as include your understanding and compliance with the methodology in your resume.

This option comes naturally once you complete our course but if you are interested in it even after getting trained by other experts, you can contact us for more information regarding our Lean Six Sigma certification service.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.